Meeting and exceeding customer expectations with quality products and services, while constantly focusing on improvements, are Flame Tech's commitments to our valued partners. Our quality goal is continuously improving our business processes, including our production processes to be more efficient, and produce reliable products.

Quality and cost consciousness have been complementary considerations in the development of our company since 1980. These processes begin with quality raw materials from ISO 9000 and UL approved vendors. Production is managed with integrated software that is developed by a well established company that is familiar the manufacturing process. Seamless systems, which meet the users demands, are absolutely necessary instruments to this goal.

The Flame Technologies, Inc. quality management system follows a strict business process approach and is logically structured with the relevant quality activities. The most important principles in our system are to manufacture quality products and 100% flame-test our cutting tips. We give priority to preventing and avoiding defects. The necessary information for efficient quality management is taken from company database systems, and then systematically analyzed and evaluated. The effectiveness of the system is verified by internal audits. Safety, agility, reliability and increased efficiency are what Flame Technologies, Inc. builds into our complete line of gas apparatus products. Customer satisfaction is the gauge of success for the quality of our products.