Product Returns (RMA)

Returns & repairs must be handled by the retailer/distributor who sold the equipment.

The following must be observed for all returns.
  • Returned items must be accompanied by a Flame Tech assigned RMA number, or they will be rejected.
  • RMA numbers must be written clearly on the outside packaging, near the shipping label.
  • Please precede the RMA number with "RMA" or "RMA#", so that it may be easily identified.
  • Flame Tech is not responsible for any shipping charges, unless the returned product is found defective.
Notices for warranty returns.
  • All returned items must be packaged appropriately, so as to not be damaged in shipment.
  • Items damaged during shipment, due to inappropriate packaging, may be rejected and possibly void the warranty.
  • Any items returned NOT in original packaging may incur extra restocking/reshipping fees.
Notices for non-warranty returns.
  • Non-warranty returns to stock will incur a 25% restocking fee.
  • Any non-warranty returns NOT in original packaging will incur extra restocking fees.
  • Refunds for non-warranty returns will be issued after stock is received and processed by Flame Tech.
  • Special order products are ineligible for non-warranty return.
Please use the following forms to request product returns or repairs.

 RMA Request Form

 Torch Repair Request Form

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