Use our 500K BTU propane torch to easily clean the weeds off your driveway, melt ice on your sidewalk, smooth out nicks in the asphalt of your parking lot, apply roofing materials.

The CGA 510 valve has a safety cut-off to prevent low pressure burn back. A comfort-grip foam handle provides easier handling for prolonged use.

  • 10-foot hose included
  • Striker included
  • Sold to distributors as a 6-pack display stand
  • Intended for individual sale to end users
  • Cylinder not included


Larger selection of kits! Eye-catching display boxes with clear dust/loss covers!


Straight & Clean Cuts. Every Time.


We understand the specific needs of steel mills and scrap yards, and our quality products show it.


Inferno-X torch adapter turns your existing oxy-fuel cutting torch into an exothermic torch.

StormTorch and Lightning Rods lead the pack with rugged construction and high efficiency.


Flame Tech's cutting tips are manufactured to OEM specifications.

Flashback arrestors help to avoid injury and property damage as well as prevent reverse gas flow.


Gas manifold cabinets custom designed for any oxy-fuel application.


Scorpion® scrapper torches are designed to be tougher, safer and more efficient than other brands.


Regulators, torch handles, cutting attachments, flow meter regulators, flow gauges, etc.


Flame Tech offers a selection of oxy-acetylene and alt. fuel gas outfits suited for professionals.