Flame Tech is now offering 7 new types of Victor® and Harris® compatible Contractor Kits, with versions available for acetylene or alternative fuel gases. Kits are available in CGA 510 and CGA 300.

For Our Distributors:
The new boxes allow the kits to be displayed with upright signage and direct view of the equipment, which is covered by a clear plastic lid to keep dust from collecting on the clean brass.

All kits include one each of:

  • Fuel gas regulator (acetylene or alt. fuel gas)
  • Oxygen regulator
  • Torch handle with check valves
  • Cutting attachment
  • Cutting tip

CGA 510 Kits

OEM Compatiblity Victor® Victor® Victor® Harris® Harris®
Duty Rating Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
Gas Type Acetylene Alt. Fuel Gas Acetylene Acetylene Alt. Fuel Gas
Torch Handle VTHH-21 VTHH-21 VTHM-22 HHTH-30 HHTH-30
Cutting Attachment VCAH-21 VCAH-21 VCAM-22 HHCA-30 HHCA-30
Cutting Tipe 1-1-101 1-1-101 0-3-101 6290-1 6290-1
Oxygen Regulator VHOR-21 VHOR-21 VMOR-22 HHOR-30 VHOR-21*
Gas Regulator VHAR-21 VHFR-21 VMAR-22 HHAR-30 VHFR-21*
* Harris compatible alt. fuel gas regulators are not available.

CGA 300 Kits

Part Number FTVHD-A1-300 FTVMD-A1-300
OEM Compatiblity Victor® Victor®
Duty Rating Heavy Duty Medium Duty
Gas Type Acetylene Acetylene
Torch Handle VTHH-21 VTHM-22
Cutting Attachment VCAH-21 VCAM-22
Cutting Tipe 1-1-101 0-3-101
Oxygen Regulator VHOR-21 VMOR-22
Gas Regulator VHAR-21-300 VMAR-22-300