Storm Torch™ by Gouge Tech®

This high quality carbon arc gouging torch leads the pack with rugged construction and reduced weight to minimize fatigue.

Features include:

  • Accepts up to 1/2in diameter jointed carbons.
  • Natural 15 degree torch angle for operator comfort.
  • 360 swivel cable reduces cable twist.
  • Positive grip handle for less hand strain.
  • Reduced weight to minimize fatigue.
  • High quality cable hose for heat and abrasion resistance.
  • Rugged construction for work in harsh environments.

Lightning Rods™ by Gouge Tech® - for use with Storm Torch™

Even with large diameter sizes, the Lightning Rod does not turn red and burn back as fast as conventional rods. The Lightning Rod uses high density carbon surrounded by a thick layer of copper.

Benefits include:

  • Unique hollow core design prevents pointy tips and "V" grooves.
  • Creates a more uniform "U" groove for faster results.
  • Tighter joint connection for jointed rods.
  • Faster, cleaner gouging with less rework.
  • Reduced smoke for a safer work area.
  • Can carry higher current.

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